Yoko Baum
“Coffee With Your Loved One”
Medium: Illustration
Portland, OR USA

Yoko Baum’s artwork “Coffee-With-Your-Loved-One” from Portland, OR, paints a delightful picture of warmth and connection through the simple pleasure of savoring a cup of coffee with loved ones. Her illustrations beautifully capture these cozy moments, emphasizing the joy and care that come with sharing coffee with those we hold dear.

As a freelance illustrator based in Portland, OR, Yoko Baum brings her unique perspective to life through her artwork, which specializes in capturing the beauty of food and lifestyle. Originally from Japan, Yoko’s artistic journey is fueled by her passion for food, drinks, and meaningful connections with people.

Yoko’s illustrations go beyond mere visuals; they serve as a gentle reminder to cherish the happiness found in everyday moments. Whether it’s enjoying a cup of coffee with friends, sharing a quiet moment with a partner, or relishing the company of fluffy companions, her art encapsulates the essence of these heartwarming experiences.

Living in the diverse and vibrant city of Portland further enriches Yoko’s artistic spirit, infusing her work with a sense of liveliness and appreciation for life’s simple pleasures. Through her illustrations, she invites us to pause, savor the moment, and celebrate the joy that comes from sharing a cup of coffee with our loved ones & furry friends.

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