Coffee Table Art Book Winner's Page

Cher Pruys
"Sunday Morning”
Medium: Acrylic

Cher Pruys is our 1st prize winner for perfectly encapsulating our vision of coffee-related art. Pruys’ depiction of the daily mundane of having coffee with a paper celebrates the cherished moments of an idiosyncratic routine. The hyper-realistic method of Pruys’ painting displays her attention to detail of surface texture and gradient lighting. Pruys is a self-taught artist with a focal medium in water-based acrylic, gouache, and watercolor. Her painting method is methodically tight layers of multi-medium colors to achieve the minute details of still life.

Olude Peter
“Introspection After Coffee”
Medium: Coffee

Our second prize winner, “Introspection After Coffee,” is a phenomenal use of coffee as a medium. Peter’s keen precision to the characteristic features of the subject portrays their existence within the viewer's reality. Olude Peter is a painter and poet with an affinity for psychology who depicts the state of introspection and consciousness.

Santiago Merono
Medium: Digital

Our third prize, “Decaffeinated,” is a witty visual metaphor for the sluggish withdrawal from caffeine. Merono is a digital artist using the medium to create humorous metaphors of life’s observations

Additional Featured Artists 

Karen Eland, Oregon, USA

Claudia Mauner Pennsylvania, USA

Daria Rosso Germany

Mike Jacobs NYC, USA

Carol Cohn New Jersey, USA

Phoebe Silva California, USA

Renato Tuzon Philippines

Yoko Baum Oregon, USA

Kasia Rzaca Singapore

Liz Stute Australia

Ulysses Veloso Canada

Stu Chandleer Pennsylvania, USA

Rebekah Plummer Alabama, USA

Caedan Gordon Pennsylvania, USA

Debra Tobin Pennsylvania, USA

Emi Burns Washington, USA

Kelly Albin NYC, USA

Will Stanton NYC, USA

Monica Vernay California, USA

Kate Hooray Osmond SC, USA


Deborah Lindquist California, USA

Jennifer Farla  Canada

Tiffany Pham NYC, USA

Denita Benyshek Kansas, USA

Tori Zirul New Jersey, USA

Kathryn Burke Maryland, USA

Cecilia Lopez Poland

Michael Pierre Price Arizona, USA

Stella Kalaw  California, USA

Michael Lee Massachusetts, USA

Vlad Zadneprianski NY, USA

Leslie Adler New Jersey, USA

Daniella Smith California, USA

Johanna Owen United Kingdom

Amanda Kunar NY, USA

Vina Kent Georgia, USA

Nicholas Heaney MA, USA

Pancho Lopez Mexico

Timothy Myers Pennsylvania, USA

Kassiri Perez NYC, USA





Susan Greenwald New Jersey, USA

Giulla Pantaleo Portugal

Derek Sakala NY, USA

Steve White Netherlands

Debbie Mueller NH, USA

Dr. Orin Carpenter CA, USA

Marina Katsnelson NJ. USA

Victor Spieles  Michigan, USA

Michael Kahn NJ, USA

Mrin Sivakumar Mass, USA

Carole Weitz NY, USA

James Mariano PA, USA

Steve Munro Australia

Chelsea Tobin Australia

Nahid Davarpanah CA, USA

Jay Schmetz GA, USA

Jawsh Smyth California, USA

Danielle Solk Singapore

Payton Brown WV, USA


Curator Notes

Curator’s Note:

I have been delighted to review the artists' submissions for the Coffee Table Art Book. We had a great selection to choose from. Upon consideration, we decided on the works that displayed the most originality in encapsulating the theme of coffee-related art, with an advanced skill set in the use of a given medium. 

We’re pleased by the diverse adaptations of coffee-themed art that will make the book an enjoyable exploration for all to partake in. The beauty of this project was the vast range of ages and regional demographics of the submissions. We see the joy creating brings you, and it is an honor to assist in providing space for your art to be appreciated. 

Congratulations to the artists accepted in the book, and we encourage every submitting artist to continue creating.

Please note the 'Additional Featured Artists' are in no particular order. 

Lumane Luma is a curator, writer, and founder of Luma Art Advisory, working in New Jersey. Her mission in the arts is to contribute to fostering local districts that provide communities access to culturally enriching programs. Her go-to coffee order is a chia latte with whole milk or oat milk.