Update for the Coffee Table Art Book Community!

New updates on the Coffee Table Art Book project!

Firstly, we extend our heartfelt thanks for the overwhelming response and the incredible submissions. Your artistic prowess has truly left us in awe!In response to the sheer volume of outstanding entries, we’ve decided to extend the curating process to ensure each piece gets the attention it deserves. Mark your calendars – the new announcement date is March 10th. Your patience and understanding during this time are truly appreciated.

Now, it brings us great pleasure to introduce the talented individuals who will be working alongside me in curating this exceptional collection:

Lumane Luma, is a curator and founder of Luma Art Advisory. Her work is consulting on marketing and sales strategies of emerging artists and art organizations, with a mission to contribute to the continued support of local art districts. She has curated beautiful exhibitions in New York and New Jersey. 

Eric Sparre, Founder of Artspan: A fine artist himself, Eric Sparre, the visionary behind Artspan, joins us as a curator. His passion for the arts and dedication to empowering fellow artists make him an invaluable addition to our team.

Together, with your outstanding submissions and the combined expertise of our esteemed curators, we’re confident that the Coffee Table Art Book will be a true celebration of artistic diversity, creativity, and the shared love for art and coffee.

A special thanks to Artspan for their generous sponsorship and support, making this project possible.Get ready for the big reveal on March 10th, as we embark on this captivating journey into the world of art and coffee, together.

Warm regards,