Steve White
“Coffee and Cake”
Medium: Acrylic on Linen

We are thrilled to feature the incredible work of Steve White, a self-taught artist from the Netherlands, in our upcoming Coffee Table Art Book. Steve’s fantastic piece “Coffee and Cake” is a testament to his unique approach to art, blending photorealism with a modern twist.

Steve White’s journey into art began in his fifties after visiting a Kandinsky exhibition in London. Inspired by the realization that he could create art too, Steve embarked on a diverse artistic journey. He defies categorization, moving seamlessly between abstracts, posters, reflections, obscure quotes in quirky fonts, and modernized old masters. His work draws inspiration from a wide array of styles, including those of David Hockney and Roy Lichtenstein, as well as traditional photorealism.

One of Steve’s notable series is “Still Life In The 21st Century,” where he replaces the conventional elements of old still life paintings with contemporary objects. Gone are the dead rabbits and pewter tankards, replaced with phone chargers and Polaroid cameras. “Coffee and Cake,” a stunning painting of a coffee machine, is a part of this innovative series. It beautifully encapsulates the essence of modern still life, reflecting Steve’s ability to transform everyday objects into extraordinary art.

In addition to his series, Steve has created compelling abstract works and typographic art. One memorable piece captures John McEnroe’s infamous “You Cannot Be Serious” moment at Wimbledon, immortalized not just on canvas but also as a T-shirt.

Steve’s artistic career took off with his paintings of Amsterdam’s canal houses, reflecting the city’s light and shade. These works became favorites among locals and expats, bringing a touch of home to those far away. Despite his success, Steve’s restless creativity drives him to continually explore new genres, finding equal challenge and satisfaction in both abstract and photorealistic works.

Beyond his art, Steve shares a love for antiques, a passion we both enjoy. Steve’s wife actually brought home the vintage coffee machine she found in a junk shop because she knew he would like the look of it. “It’s a work of art that I literally made into a work of art,” Steve says. A particular favorite is a set of coffee cups in a rack found in a local second-hand shop, which he uses both functionally and as a piece of colorful, stylish sculpture. This appreciation for the old and unique aligns with his approach to art, where practicality and beauty coexist.

Steve’s love for coffee and quaint cafes is evident. A recent gem he discovered is Devon Coffee in Exeter, UK – a tiny spot with outstanding coffee and service, proving that great things come in small packages.

We invite you to explore Steve White’s eclectic world of art and the stories behind his creations on his website and IG. Keep an eye out for “Coffee and Cake” in our upcoming Coffee Table Art Book!

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