Coffee Collage Series 8x10 - Pink Coffee cup with Confetti

Stella Kalaw
“Pink Coffee Cup, Phone, and Confetti”
Medium: Digital Collage
Emeryville, CA USA

Stella Kalaw, a multifaceted artist hailing from the vibrant San Francisco Bay Area, is on a creative journey that intertwines photography, collage, and storytelling. What sets Stella apart is her innovative approach, which she discovered during the challenging days of lockdowns. Collaging became her sanctuary, a sustainable avenue for artistic expression that blended her love for photography with the freedom of improvisation.

Inspired by the everyday beauty found in Parisian cafes, Stella’s “Coffee Collage Series” invites us into a world of unconventional yet harmonious juxtapositions. Each piece is a testament to her imaginative prowess, weaving together digital elements with a touch of whimsy and nostalgia.

Go-To Coffee Order: Café Latte Favorite Coffee Spot: Any café offering plant milk

Stella’s creations capture the essence of serendipity, where everyday objects become protagonists in a visual narrative that transcends time and space. Dive into her world, where coffee cups transform into portals of creativity and wonder.

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