Nahid Davarpanah
“Wake ME UP”
Medium: Coffee & Colored Pencil on Paper
California, USA

Nahid Davarpanah, a visual artist from Woodland Hills, California, impresses with her beautiful submissions to the Coffee Table Art Book, showcasing the captivating beauty in her artwork. Born in Iran and now based in Los Angeles, Nahid has a rich artistic background with many solo and group shows, awards, and a published book. Her go-to coffee order, brewed coffee with half and half, reflects her love for coffee, which serves as a medium of inspiration for her art. Nahid’s submission titled “Wake Me Up” is a striking piece created with coffee and colored pencil on paper, measuring 7×7 inches. This artwork, inspired by her morning routine and imagination, symbolizes a mood of focus and determination to start a new day. Nahid’s ability to blend cultural influences with personal experiences shines through in her art, inviting viewers to delve into the beauty and depth of her artistic vision.

Go-to coffee order:Brewed coffee with half and half Favorite Coffee House: Topanga Living Cafe

To see more of Nahid Davarpanah’s captivating artwork, you can visit her Instagram at @nahiddavarpanah_ and explore her unique perspective and creativity.