Kasia Rzaca
“Smiling Back”
Medium: Watercolor

Celebrating the Joy in Everyday Moments

We are thrilled to feature Kasia Rzaca, a talented watercolor artist, whose work “Smiling Back” will be included in our upcoming Coffee Table Art Book. This piece has already received a tremendous amount of love on Instagram, garnering the most comments last week when we previewed her Artist Spotlight. The simplicity of the happy, smiling face in “Smiling Back” is contagious, making people literally smile back and we love that!

Born in Poland, Kasia has had a passion for art from a very young age. However, her initial career path led her to education. It wasn’t until she moved to Singapore that she rediscovered her passion for art, particularly watercolor painting. Kasia finds beauty in everyday objects and moments that often go unnoticed, infusing them with life and vibrancy through her work.

Her piece “Smiling Back” is a delightful representation of her unique perspective. Created with watercolor and watercolor pencils on cotton paper. Kasia shares the charming story behind this piece: “I woke up exhausted at the crack of dawn and my coffee smiled at me. True story.”

Kasia’s favorite coffee order is a cappuccino, and she loves visiting Common Man Coffee Roasters in Singapore, a place that undoubtedly provides her with both inspiration and enjoyment.

Check out more of Kasia Rzaca’s enchanting coffee-themed art, as well as her non-coffee-related works on her Instagram .