Johanna Owen
“ But first…Coffee!”
Medium: Acrylic & Gouache Paint 
London, UK

Johanna Owen’s artwork speaks volumes without uttering a single bark. Based in London alongside her loyal rescue mutt, Tuna, Johanna has gained international recognition for her captivating works that capture the essence of canine companionship.

In her signature style, Johanna eschews brushes for the tactile connection of her own hands, deftly layering acrylic and gouache to craft intricate impressions that pulsate with life. Each stroke builds upon the last, capturing the essence and individuality of her subjects while infusing her pieces with a kaleidoscope of color.

One of her standout collections, “But first…Coffee!” debuted in 2022 as part of the whimsically titled exhibition series, ‘A Dog’s Dinner’. Inspired by the universal bond between humans and their furry friends, Jo’s work radiates joy and connectivity. With an astute eye for detail and a penchant for humor, she encapsulates the shared rituals of mealtime, inviting viewers to revel in the familiar expressions and antics of canine companions.

Heavily influenced and inspired by Theron Humphrey’s captivating photography of his dog, Maddie, who exudes a serene calmness and a willingness to pose in various settings, Jo finds immense inspiration. Maddie’s ability to create moments brimming with relatability and humor beautifully bridges the gap between humans and dogs. What particularly resonates with Jo is the universal experience depicted —the exhaustion and craving for caffeine that we all can relate to.

Through her art, Jo Owen invites us to celebrate the simple joys of life, to embrace the bonds of friendship, and to savor each moment with unbridled enthusiasm. With her playful spirit and unwavering dedication to her craft, she reminds us that sometimes, all it takes to brighten our day is a furry friend and a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

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