Jennifer Faria
“Full of Beans”
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
 Ontario, Canada

Jennifer Faria is a celebrated fine artist, portrait painter, and children’s picture book illustrator based in Canada. Her journey into the world of art began in early childhood, driven by a deep-seated love and passion for drawing. Jennifer honed her skills at Central Technical School’s Fine Arts Program in Toronto, where she expanded her artistic repertoire. She furthered her education by obtaining a diploma in Graphic Design and Advertising from George Brown College.

Jennifer’s artistic career is marked by numerous solo and group exhibitions in Toronto, alongside a diverse array of commissioned portraits and original artworks. As an illustrator, she has brought to life the enchanting children’s picture books “Raven, Rabbit, Deer” and “Finding Moose,” both penned by Sue Farrell Holler and published by Pajama Press.

The pandemic presented Jennifer with a unique challenge, which she turned into an opportunity to streamline her focus towards creating smaller, more efficient paintings. These works are designed to be shared consistently with the world via social media, showcasing her ability to adapt and thrive in changing times.

Artistic Style and Inspiration:

Jennifer’s art is inspired by beauty, idealism, and imagination, resulting in a vibrant, semi-surrealist quality that captivates viewers. Her pieces often explore personal experiences and everyday moments, infusing them with a sense of wonder and creativity.

Coffee and Creativity:

A self-professed coffee enthusiast, Jennifer’s go-to order is an extra-large drip coffee or Americano with two creams. Coffee shops have played a significant role in her life, serving as the backdrop for many important events, deep thoughts, and social interactions. From her teenage years to the present, these beloved cafes have been the setting for much of her creative work and personal growth.

Jennifer Faria’s art reflects her journey, her inspirations, and her connection to the world around her, making her a remarkable addition to the Coffee Table Art Book.

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