Jay Schmetz
“Westy at the Coffee Shop”
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Savannah, GA USA

Whimsical Worlds Through an Artist’s Eyes

Born in Maryland and currently residing in the Savannah area, Jay Schmetz’s journey into the world of art began at an early age. Growing up, Jay’s passion for art and creativity was deeply influenced by his surroundings and his beloved pets. Living on a small animal sanctuary, Jay found endless inspiration in the unique behaviors and personalities of the animals around him.

Jay’s work is a delightful blend of imagination and reality, often portraying animals in human-like scenarios that spark curiosity and joy. His paintings invite viewers into whimsical worlds where a contemplative cat sits at a wine bar and a dog enjoys coffee at a café. These imaginative pieces reflect Jay’s unique ability to capture the essence and charm of his animal subjects in captivating and unexpected ways.

A graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) with a master’s degree in painting, Jay has honed his craft to create vibrant and imaginative works that captivate art enthusiasts worldwide. His use of color and detail brings each animal to life, creating scenes that are both playful and profound.

Jay’s work will be featured in the upcoming Coffee Table Art Book, showcasing one of his remarkable animal paintings. This piece (“Westy at the Coffee Shop”), like all of Jay’s art, invites viewers to pause and ponder, offering a glimpse into a world where animals reign supreme in charming and relatable scenarios.

Jay Schmetz’s art is more than just a visual delight; it’s an invitation to explore a world where the ordinary becomes extraordinary through the eyes of our animal friends.

Go-To Coffee Order: “I like my coffee straight with a little cream or milk.” Coffee Shop: Starbucks

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