Introducing Our Art Happenings Page

Art transcends boundaries, weaving stories and emotions that resonate with us. Here at the Coffee Table Art Book, we’re thrilled to announce our newest addition—the ‘Art Happenings’ page. While we highlight this month’s art events in this blog, we invite you to get further details and regularly check our ‘Art Happenings’ page for the latest updates and to discover what’s new in the world of art.

Moreover, we’re excited to showcase your events too! If you’re hosting an art event, let us amplify your reach by featuring it on our ‘Art Happenings’ page.

November’s Art Highlights:

Segal Gallery at Montclair State University offers three captivating exhibitions.

  • Experience diverse and mesmerizing exhibitions at the Segal Gallery.

Gold/Montclair featuring the works of Patricia Satterlee

  • Explore the balance between abstraction and representation in a beautiful exhibit running through December.

Tiny Gallery’s Holiday Art Sale

  • Featuring the exquisite works of Debbie Galant, capturing a profound “Sense of Place.” Plus, many other Tiny Gallery artists works.

Bill Rogers’ Photography Exhibition at Cedar Beans Coffee Joint

  • Embark on a visual journey through captivating photographs at this cherished local coffee spot.

Yelena Mirchevskaya’s Exhibit

  • Promising a beautiful display of ink an watercolors at the beloved Local coffee house we adore for its art and great coffee.

The Montclair Art Museum “A New Look at Representation of Women in Art”

  • Redefining the portrayal of women in art, showcasing leading female voices in the art world. Details & Tickets.

The Other Art Fair/Brooklyn

  • Affordable and original artworks and 120 independent artists with immersive installations, this Friday through Sunday, get tickets.

BEST IN SHOW” at Fotografiska Museum in New York

  • Explore the role of animals in culture through the perspectives of 25 global artists. Great for the whole family, find out more.

This month is brimming with events and unique perspectives. Whether you’re an art enthusiast or an artist, there’s something for everyone.

Remember, if you’re hosting an art event, let us feature it on our platform. Together, let’s make art happen!

Happy exploring!