Giulia Pantaleo
Medium: Charcoal
Lisbon, Portugal

Giulia Pantaleo’s captivating artwork titled “QUEEN ON HER THRONE!” brings forth a moment of profound intimacy and unapologetic boldness, set against the backdrop of Lisbon, Portugal. Using a medium of black and white charcoal on “paper canvas,” Giulia crafts a narrative that transcends the visual, delving into the realm of emotions and personal introspection.

In this piece, we witness another diva in a completely different and intimate moment. Seated in her bathroom, she indulges in the simple pleasures of life—smoking her cigarette, sipping coffee with a shameless attitude, and reveling in solitude. It’s a moment of respite, where she pauses to enjoy being alone, with no room for distractions except for her thoughts, a cup of coffee, and the aroma of a smoldering cigarette.

Giulia’s artistic journey is as captivating as her creations. Born and raised in the serene landscapes of North Italy, she embarked on a life filled with exploration and cultural immersion. At the age of 20, she ventured to London, UK, and later found herself drawn to the vibrant city of Melbourne, Australia. These diverse experiences shaped her perspective and artistic style, blending elements of her Mediterranean roots with the cosmopolitan influences of the cities she called home.

Her participation in this competition is a testament to her dedication to celebrating women’s unique sensuality and provocative essence. Through her “pop artistic style,” Giulia breathes life into her subjects, infusing each stroke with a narrative that speaks volumes about empowerment and self-expression.

Adding to the allure of her artistry is Giulia’s deep-rooted connection with coffee, a quintessential part of Italian culture. Her go-to coffee order, a frothy cappuccino, symbolizes not just a beverage choice but a ritual of comfort and familiarity. When asked about her favorite coffee haunt in Lisbon, Giulia fondly mentions Flora, a pastry bar shop nestled under her residence, where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee mingles with the ocean breeze, creating an enchanting ambiance that fuels her creativity.

Through her art and her personal journey, Giulia Pantaleo invites us to embrace moments of introspection, celebrate our individuality, and find beauty in the everyday rituals that define us. Her spotlight shines brightly, illuminating not just her artistic prowess but also the rich tapestry of experiences that inspire her creations.