Danielle Solk
“Kopi O”
Medium: Cardboard, Starbucks bags and Acrylic

Danielle Solk is a mixed media artist, photographer, and teacher known for her eclectic use of materials and techniques to create multilayered works of art. She enjoys exploring ideas in various ways, letting the media guide the direction of her creations. Through her art, Danielle documents the world around her in its diverse forms, elevating moments of beauty found in the everyday and mundane.

‘Kopi O’ is inspired by Danielle’s observations during lockdown at the height of Covid in Singapore. As strict rules led to a surge in food delivery, Danielle became intrigued by the mounting delivery packaging. As a fervent recycler, she used this packaging to create a commentary on the times, exploring the juxtaposition of a corporate giant and a traditional coffee cup, symbolizing the rich history and culture of Singapore and Malaysia. ‘Kopi O’ reflects Danielle’s fascination with Singapore’s history and community, capturing the contrasts and contradictions of the place in a captivating artwork.

Go-to Coffee Order: Kopi O or Iced oat latte

Website IG: @daniellesolk