Coffee Table Art Book Website Launch!


It’s a two cups of joe morning here at the Coffee Table Art Book. We’re officially celebrating the Coffee Table Art Book Website Launch Today + National Coffee Day!

The Coffee Table Art Book is a blend of Coffee, Art and Community. Our project is brewed in connection, supporting our neighborhoods and the people that live, work and passionately create in them. Thinking big while working small when it comes to publishing our book and supporting our artists, coffee houses and our communities. 

A big thank you to all the artists and photographers that signed up through our early access page & early bird entry, we appreciate your interest and enthusiasm for our project! If you haven’t submitted your work yet early bird entry ends tonight 9/29 at 11:59 pm. If you’re not ready yet, no problem we are taking submission through December 2023. Details and artist application – click here.

If you are new to our website, which most of you are, Welcome to our project! We invite you to be part of the first-ever coffee-themed art book. The book will feature a curated selection of coffee-themed art from around the world, and we want you to be part of it!

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our first sponsor, Artspan who will be giving our 1st, 2nd  & 3rd place entries websites and hosting for 1 year. We love Artspan, they are a website provider specifically for artists by artists and they have an online marketplace for their members to showcase and sell their work. If you’re looking to create a beautiful website and get more buyers to see your work, check Artspan out + 15% off for new members on monthly and yearly subscriptions. Use Code CTAB15.

We are currently seeking:


That would like to participate and submit their work for consideration to a coffee table book celebrating coffee themed art. For more information, click here


Coffee houses, galleries, retailers and companies aligned with our values and interested in being part of something special. Sign up for our newsletter or contact us to find out how we blend coffee & art to reach your community.


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We look forward to working with all of you and continuing on our caffeinated journey toward creating the Coffee Table Art Book. If you have any questions or ideas you would like to share please let us know at

Here’s to National Coffee Day, we are pleased to officially launch on this special day! Follow us to keep up to date on what we have brewing @thecoffeetableartbook.