Carole Weitz
“A Blooming Cup of Coffee”
Medium: Collage
New York, NY

Carole Weitz’s artwork invites you into a world of vibrant colors, blending swirling cut papers to evoke the aromatic essence of coffee. Her objective is clear: to embrace all your senses and the simple pleasures they bring.

Bio: After 25 years as a creative director in New York, Carole’s true passion lies in illustration, typography, color, and graphics. Each piece she creates is infused with the keen eye of a designer and the soul of an artist. Her journey, shaped by her father’s photography legacy and Bauhaus education at Carnegie Mellon University, culminates in a fusion of design aesthetics that is uniquely hers.

With a portfolio of copyrighted collections and a knack for award-winning campaigns across various industries, Carole is a resilient and dynamic force in the visual arts world. Her work reflects a powerful connection to her design heritage, featuring bold shapes, vibrant colors, and whimsical elements like black cats, embodying confidence and charm.

Favorite Coffee Order: Cafe latte or Cappuccino Favorite Café: Anywhere but Starbucks

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