Calling All Artists and Photographers to Think Outside the Cup!

The beauty of this call to artists is that it’s not limited to any particular genre or style. We encourage artists and photographers to explore the world of coffee both as a subject and as a creative medium in their unique way. Coffee can be the catalyst for abstract art, the backdrop for a captivating portrait, or the medium for a stunning creation. Whether you’re an abstract artist experimenting with coffee stains, a photographer capturing coffee’s intricate textures, a collage artist using recycled materials, or anything in between, there’s a place for your work in this soon to be curated collection.

Think Outside the Cup

Our challenge to you is to think outside the cup. We want to see art that pushes the boundaries of what coffee can be in the realm of creativity. Perhaps it’s a series of abstract coffee ring patterns that tell a story, a portrait that captures the intimacy of a coffee shop conversation, or a surreal dreamscape that draws its essence from the mystique of coffee.

Join the Global Coffee Loving Community

Art knows no boundaries, and we welcome submissions from artists and photographers worldwide. The universal language of coffee connects us all, and this project is a testament to the diverse and beautiful interpretations that can arise from this shared experience.

Why Share Your Coffee-Inspired Art?

This is an opportunity to share your unique perspective on one of the world’s most beloved beverages. Your work will be a source of inspiration for coffee lovers and art enthusiasts alike. Please visit our Artist Application page for awards, timeline, details and to submit your coffee themed work.

Cheers to a world of endless possibilities hidden in the depths of a coffee cup!