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Welcome to Cafe Culture, the Coffee Table Art Book blog. We plan to use this space to feature coffee shops and cafes we visit, artists we love, and insights into how our project is progressing.



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Artspan Gift Guide

This holiday season, we’re delighted to partner with Artspan, our sponsor to bring you a curated gift guide of delightful coffee-inspired artworks, perfect for gifting and supporting talented artisans. While we don’t have our own book or prints available this year, we’ve compiled a selection of unique pieces from various Artspan artists to make your…

Introducing Our Art Happenings Page

Art transcends boundaries, weaving stories and emotions that resonate with us. Here at the Coffee Table Art Book, we’re thrilled to announce our newest addition—the ‘Art Happenings’ page. While we highlight this month’s art events in this blog, we invite you to get further details and regularly check our ‘Art Happenings’ page for the latest…

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Calling All Artists and Photographers to Think Outside the Cup!

The beauty of this call to artists is that it’s not limited to any particular genre or style. We encourage artists and photographers to explore the world of coffee both as a subject and as a creative medium in their unique way. Coffee can be the catalyst for abstract art, the backdrop for a captivating…


A Recap of the 2023 New York Coffee Festival

Brewing Creativity and Compassion The aroma of freshly roasted beans, the gentle hum of espresso machines, and the excitement of fellow coffee enthusiasts – that’s the magical atmosphere you experience at the New York Coffee Festival. Held last weekend, this annual event is a paradise for coffee lovers and a celebration of all things java.…


Coffee Table Art Book Website Launch!

image It’s a two cups of joe morning here at the Coffee Table Art Book. We’re officially celebrating the Coffee Table Art Book Website Launch Today + National Coffee Day! The Coffee Table Art Book is a blend of Coffee, Art and Community. Our project is brewed in connection, supporting our neighborhoods and the people…