Caeden Gordon
“Hanging Out With My Best Buds”
Medium: Photograpy
Evans City, PA

At just 12 years old, Caedan Gordon, a middle school student from western Pennsylvania, presents a captivating perspective through his photography.

Bio: Caedan’s artistic journey began with private art lessons at Bottlebrush Gallery & Center for the Arts in Harmony, PA,. His fascination with light, especially the glow in darkness and the interplay of contrast, sparked a passion for photography. Capturing moments like a candle’s glow in a dark room became a signature theme in Caedan’s work.

In his photographs, Caedan explores themes of abandonment, loneliness, and the beauty found in unexpected places. Each image tells a story, drawing viewers into a world where light and darkness dance together.

Go to coffee order: Whatever my mom is having. Favorite Cafe: Wunderbar Coffee in Harmony, PA