Brewing Creativity: Coffee Table Art Book Project

Welcome to The Coffee Table Art Book Project, a unique blend of art and coffee culture that’s brewing up an extraordinary visual experience. As the call to artists continues until January 31, 2024, join us on this exciting journey that culminates in a celebration of diverse creativity and the universal love for coffee.

Phase 1: Call to Artists – Deadline Approaching (1/31/2024) Calling all artists worldwide! The call for submissions is still open, and we want your unique perspective to be a cornerstone of The Coffee Table Art Book Project. Visit our artist application page before January 31, 2024, and contribute to a global movement that intertwines creativity with the essence of coffee culture.

Phase 2: Behind the Scenes – Crafting the Blend Once the call to artists concludes, our curators will dive into the submissions, shaping a visionary coffee table art book that captures the diverse expressions of artists worldwide. Stay tuned for updates on selected artwork coming in late February or early March 2024.

Phase 3: Sponsorship Opportunities – Calling coffee houses, galleries, and like-minded brands! Explore our sponsorship levels and join us in bringing The Coffee Table Art Book Project to life. Enjoy exclusive perks and align your brand with a project that celebrates the connection between art and coffee culture. Choose your level of support and secure unique benefits for your involvement. Find out more here.

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The Coffee Table Art Book Project will not just be a book; it’s a visionary project that thrives on creativity and community support. Artists, sponsors, and enthusiasts alike – subscribe, follow, and contribute to this dynamic venture that promises to redefine the relationship between art and coffee. Get ready to be part of a unique storytelling experience that will Perk Up coffee tables around the world.