Artist Spotlight

Brace yourself for a weekly odyssey into the realm of artistic brilliance with our Artist Spotlights! In the countdown to the Fall 2024 book launch, we're excited to introduce three exceptional creators each week, offering an exclusive peek into the minds shaping our Coffee Table Art Book. This isn't just a showcase; it's a curated exploration of diverse styles in contemporary art and photography. From innovative techniques to profound passion, join us in celebrating the fusion of creativity and vision that propels these artists into the spotlight. Immerse yourself in the captivating stories, techniques, and inspirations that make each spotlight a testament to the boundless possibilities of artistic expression. Get ready for a curated collection that's set to redefine coffee table aesthetics!

Curator Notes

As the founder and one of the curators for  the Coffee Table Art Book, I'm excited to present three captivating submissions that perfectly capture the essence of the spring season.

Deborah Lindquist's "Iced Coffee-Pinup" is not just a fashion photograph but a glimpse into the vibrant and lively tropical vibes that beckon the summer days ahead. With its playful yet sophisticated depiction, it's a delightful blend of style and seasonal anticipation.

Nicholas Heaney's work, "Coffee by the Sea," painted with acrylic and coffee on canvas, transports us to the tranquil shores where coffee meets the ocean breeze, creating a serene and contemplative atmosphere.

And then we have Nahid Davarpanah's "Wake Me Up," a piece that's both ethereal and visually striking. Using coffee and colored pencil on paper, Nahid crafts a dreamlike composition that invites us to awaken to the beauty and freshness of spring, resonating with a sense of renewal and wonder.

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xo Regan (founder of the Coffee Table Art Book)


Deborah Lindquist
“Iced Coffee Pinup”
Medium: Photography
California, USA

Deborah Lindquist, an eco clothing designer from North Hollywood, CA, secured a place in the Coffee Table Art Book with her collaborative submission, "Lindquist Iced Coffee Pinup." This captivating editorial fashion photograph, a collaboration with photographer Jenn Spain and eco makeup & hair artist Natalie Olson, stands out for its playful and unconventional take on the coffee-themed submission. It features a tropical-themed pinup girl vacation look, breaking through the norm of typical coffee-themed art with a fun and vibrant narrative. She wears a one-of-a-kind vintage kimono floral bralette with wrap pants in deadstock silk hibiscus print, lounging with an iced coffee in a turquoise-tinted glass on a steamy tropical day. This winning artwork not only showcases Deborah's innovative use of sustainable materials but also adds a refreshing and lively twist to the coffee theme.

Deborah Lindquist's dedication to eco-conscious fashion is evident in her work, where she seamlessly blends style with environmental responsibility. Deborah also teaches eco-fashion design courses!

Go-to coffee order: Double cappuccino Fav spot for coffee and dessert: 7th Ray in Topanga.

To explore more of Deborah's unique designs and environmental advocacy, visit her website at and follow her journey on Instagram


Nick Heaney
“Coffee by the Sea”
Medium:Acrylic with Coffee
Massachusetts, USA

"Coffee by the Sea" by Nicholas Heaney is a captivating artwork that transports viewers to the tranquil shores of coastal landscapes. Created using a unique blend of acrylic paint infused with coffee on canvas, this piece captures the essence of serene moments by the sea. The artist's mastery in blending textures and colors brings forth a sensory experience, where the rich aroma of coffee mingles with the soothing sounds of waves crashing against the shore.

In this artwork, Nick Heaney invites viewers to immerse themselves in a world where nature's beauty intertwines with the comforting ritual of enjoying a cup of coffee. The subtle gradients and intricate details in the painting evoke a sense of calm and introspection, making it a compelling piece that resonates with anyone who appreciates the harmony of coastal living.

Through "Coffee by the Sea," Nick showcases his ability to translate personal experiences and emotions into visual art, offering a glimpse into his deep connection with the natural world. This artwork serves as a testament to the artist's unique perspective and his skillful use of medium to convey a profound sense of place and atmosphere.

Go-to coffee order: Hot black coffee! Favorite coffee house: Snowy Owl Coffee Roasters, Cape Cod.

For more captivating artworks and insights into Nick Heaney's artistic journey, visit his website at and follow him on Instagram at @nickheaneyart.


Nahid Davarpanah
“Wake ME UP”
Medium: Coffee & Colored Pencil on Paper
California, USA

Nahid Davarpanah, a visual artist from Woodland Hills, California, impresses with her beautiful submissions to the Coffee Table Art Book, showcasing the captivating beauty in her artwork. Born in Iran and now based in Los Angeles, Nahid has a rich artistic background with many solo and group shows, awards, and a published book. Her go-to coffee order, brewed coffee with half and half, reflects her love for coffee, which serves as a medium of inspiration for her art. Nahid's submission titled "Wake Me Up" is a striking piece created with coffee and colored pencil on paper, measuring 7x7 inches. This artwork, inspired by her morning routine and imagination, symbolizes a mood of focus and determination to start a new day. Nahid's ability to blend cultural influences with personal experiences shines through in her art, inviting viewers to delve into the beauty and depth of her artistic vision.

Go-to coffee order:Brewed coffee with half and half Favorite Coffee House: Topanga Living Cafe

To see more of Nahid Davarpanah's captivating artwork, you can visit her Instagram at @nahiddavarpanah_ and explore her unique perspective and creativity.


Renato “Rens” Tuzon
“The Coffee Maker”

Renato Tuzon is a coffee medium portraiture painter from the Philippines. Tuzon's paintings display a love for his community in the celebration of everyday people. The Coffee Maker is a rendition of a Philippine traditional coffee server in what is an homage to those who serve us and play a vital part in fostering community. 

Go-to coffee order: Freshly Brewed Black Favorite Coffee House: Coffee Town Philippines

Website Instagram


Cecilia Lopez
“Café de Talavera”

Cecilia Lopez a.k.a Ceci Loel is a Mexican artist in Poland creating works centered on cultural identity. In this still-life painting the artist pays homage to their cultural heritage of design in tiles and Talavera pottery. Lopez's depiction of daily life is a study of the cultural identity of Central America by way of artifacts, natural life, and color compositions. 

Go-to coffee order: Black coffee with cinnamon Favorite Coffee House: Dzien Dobr in Szczecin

Website Instagram

Untitled design-745

Derek Sakala
“Instincts Coffee”
Medium:Digital Magna
Bronx, NY USA

Derek Sakala is a Manga artist based out of New York. Sakala’s digital rendering is a one-shot from the ongoing series titled Instincts. Though the style of manga animation started its origin in Japan, it has amassed a universal fandom for its stylistic illustrations and compelling stories of adventures and personal development. Manga is recognized for its creative innovation in creating fascinating realities filled with supernaturals. But, even in this world of limitless imagination, the routine of a coffee break still is a necessity in this alternate reality. 

Go-to coffee order: Pumpkin Spice Latte Favorite Coffee House: Starbucks

Website Instagram


Danielle Solk
“Kopi O”
Medium: Cardboard, Starbucks bags and Acrylic

Danielle Solk is a mixed media artist, photographer, and teacher known for her eclectic use of materials and techniques to create multilayered works of art. She enjoys exploring ideas in various ways, letting the media guide the direction of her creations. Through her art, Danielle documents the world around her in its diverse forms, elevating moments of beauty found in the everyday and mundane.

'Kopi O' is inspired by Danielle's observations during lockdown at the height of Covid in Singapore. As strict rules led to a surge in food delivery, Danielle became intrigued by the mounting delivery packaging. As a fervent recycler, she used this packaging to create a commentary on the times, exploring the juxtaposition of a corporate giant and a traditional coffee cup, symbolizing the rich history and culture of Singapore and Malaysia. 'Kopi O' reflects Danielle's fascination with Singapore's history and community, capturing the contrasts and contradictions of the place in a captivating artwork.

Go-to Coffee Order: Kopi O or Iced oat latte

Website IG: @daniellesolk


Kassiri Perez
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Kassiri Perez's captivating painting "Cafe" invites viewers to experience the comfort and cultural significance of coffee through art. Based in the bustling city of NYC, Kassiri combines elements of surrealism and abstraction in her acrylic creations, delving into profound thoughts and personal connections associated with coffee rituals. Inspired by themes of quantum physics and mental health, Kassiri's artistry evokes introspection and warmth.

Go to coffee-order: Kassiri grew up on cafe bustelo, she is half Salvadoran and coffee is a part of breakfast, but she's expanding her horizons trying different flavors and vanilla or caramel iced latte has always been her go-to.

Favorite places to caffeinate: Blue Stockings, Doughnut Plant.

Website Instagram


Susan Greenwald
Medium:Acrylic on Canvas
Livingston, NJ USA

Susan Greenwald, a talented artist from Livingston, NJ, captures the essence of family bonds and joyful moments in her heartwarming painting "Sharing." Through her skilled use of acrylics, she paints a beautiful picture of her grandsons sharing a cup of coffee, infusing her artwork with warmth and nostalgia. Susan's versatile artistic approach, blending oils, acrylics, watercolors, and mixed media, reflects her deep connection to nature, color, and the simple pleasures of life.

Susan's artwork has been showcased in local galleries and has been featured in juried art shows as well as solo exhibitions. Her talent extends to creating private commissions, such as family portraits, pop culture icons, favorite vacation spots, and more. Susan finds great fulfillment in knowing that her art becomes treasured possessions in people's homes and offices.

When it comes to her go-to coffee order, Susan enjoys an Iced coffee with a splash of almond milk at Starbucks.

IG: @gigiartstudios

Website: Coming Soon!

8x10 Girl with a Pearl Earring

Karen Eland
“Girl With a Pearl Earring”
Medium: Coffee
Bend, Oregon, USA

Karen Eland's artistic journey is a fusion of two passions: coffee and art. For over two decades, she has been using coffee as her primary medium, showcasing the versatility and depth of creativity that coffee offers. What started as a casual experiment in her favorite coffee shop has evolved into a unique artistic style that blends traditional painting techniques with the rich tones and textures of coffee.

Her piece "Girl with a Pearl Earring," a reinterpretation of the iconic Vermeer painting, is a testament to her skill and innovation. By using espresso and water as her palette, Karen brings a contemporary twist to classic artworks, infusing them with warmth and depth that only coffee can provide. The choice of subject, caught in a candid moment during a coffee break, adds a layer of relatability and modernity to the piece.

Karen's dedication to coffee art goes beyond just recreating famous paintings. She explores new ideas and themes, constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with this unconventional medium. Through her work, she invites viewers to see coffee not just as a beverage but as a source of inspiration and artistic expression.

Website: Karen Eland


Daria Rosso
“Waking Up”
Medium:Mixed Media
Berlin, Germany

Daria Rosso's artistic journey is a vibrant tapestry woven from her global experiences and diverse influences. Growing up in Italy and later moving to Germany, she developed a unique artistic style that blends traditional scientific illustration with elements of pop art and photography. Her artworks reflect a bright and modern aesthetic, characterized by vivid colors, bold compositions, and attention to detail.

One of Daria's notable series is "Men on Food," where she explores the interaction between food and art on a reverse scale. Through intricate layers of watercolor, colored pencil, and gouache, she creates captivating scenes that invite viewers to slow down and appreciate the unexpected elements within each artwork. Her use of traditional media combined with digital finalization results in artworks that are both timeless and contemporary.

In "Waking up," Daria captures the whimsicality of little men jumping in coffee, merging imagination with reality in a playful yet thought-provoking manner. This piece is a testament to her ability to infuse everyday objects and scenarios with a sense of wonder and creativity.

Website: Daria Rosso


Michael Lee
“Straight From the Pot”
Florence, MA, USA

Michael Lee's photography is a visual narrative of life's moments, captured through his keen eye and artistic vision. Based in Massachusetts, he specializes in portraiture and cityscapes, using photography as a medium to explore human connections and emotions.

"Straight from the Pot," one of Michael's striking photographs, captures a staged moment that evokes emotions and narratives, highlighting the artistry in setting up scenes to convey specific messages or emotions. His portrayal of a young man enjoying coffee straight from the pot is a celebration of the comfort and connection that coffee brings to our daily lives.

Through his photography, Michael seeks to promote coffee as more than just a drink—it's a symbol of comfort, community, and personal moments of joy. Each photograph tells a story, inviting viewers to connect with the experiences and emotions captured within the frame.

Website: Michael Lee

Plowshares-Cafe-24 cropped

Will Stanton
“Rounded Off”
Medium: Photography
New York City, NY, USA

Stanton’s “Rounded Off” is a serendipitously taken point-of-view photograph taken while sitting window-side in a cafe. The charm of unplanned inspiration is the reminder that creative outbreaks often derive from spontaneity.

Go-to coffee order: Classic Cappuccino with whole milk, of course.
Favorite Caffeinated Sanctuary: Plowshares Coffee NYC
Artist IG: Bill_Stanton_photo


Ulysses Veloso
Medium: Coffee on Aquarelle
Ontario Canada

Veloso’s “Rush” is a clever use of coffee as a medium to create a visual perception. At first glance, the ring stains and splotches appear as the mess left from coffee consumption. Upon further examination, an image of a group of rapidly pacing cyclists comes to vision.

Go-to coffee order: Black Coffee
Favorite Caffeinated Sanctuary: Tim Hortons

Smyth_UnravelingAgain copy

Jawsh Smyth “Unraveling Again” Medium: Acrylic Los Angeles, CA

Smyth’s painting is an existential depiction of a man with coffee at hand, unraveling during daybreak as their partner lies asleep. The techno-colored AI-altered reality depicts a utopia that seems to pair in comparison to the subject’s state of introspection.

Go-to coffee order: Single origin expresso w/side of sparkling water
Favorite Caffeinated Sanctuary: Civil Coffee, LA
IG: @jawshsmyth

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