Artist Opportunities in Brooklyn, NY

Welcome to the dynamic epicenter of artistic expression – Brooklyn, a borough brimming with creativity and diversity that serves as an incubator for countless talents. As part of the thriving art community, we’re excited to share a curated list of opportunities designed to nurture and support artists at every stage of their careers. Explore the rich tapestry of grants, workshops, and programs that extend the artistic journey beyond our organization, empowering and elevating artists in Brooklyn and beyond.

Brooklyn Arts Council:

Jumpstart your artistic endeavors with the Brooklyn Arts Council, an organization dedicated to fostering creativity in the borough. Explore a range of grants, workshops, and support systems tailored to artists across different disciplines. Check out their opportunities for artists.

Creative Capital:

Discover the boundless realm of artistic freedom with Creative Capital, an organization dedicated to championing the expression of radical art. Their mission is to be at the forefront of discovering and fostering the creation of groundbreaking art while building a global community that celebrates artistic freedom. Learn more.

BRIClab Artist Residencies:

For NYC-based artists seeking an immersive experience, BRIClab offers on-site residencies that include a physical studio space, mentorship, and a stipend. This initiative is a unique opportunity to delve into your artistic practice, surrounded by the dynamic energy of Brooklyn. Find out more.

Site:Brooklyn Gallery:

SITE:BROOKLYN invites artists to explore the role of the face and the figure in art. This gallery is on the lookout for work that engages, expands, and elaborates on these themes. Submit your creations to be part of a space that appreciates the nuances of expression and form.

Praxis Center for Aesthetics:

Navigate the diverse landscape of resources for artists at the Praxis Center for Aesthetics. Their blog is a treasure trove of information, providing valuable insights and opportunities to help artists thrive in their creative pursuits.

Coffee Table Art Book:

Calling all artists in your Local area! The Coffee Table Art Book is on the hunt for coffee-themed art and photography to feature in their upcoming curated coffee table book. Founded in nearby Montclair, NJ, they are excited to invite artists to submit their work and be part of this exciting caffeinated project. Accepting submissions, get details and artist application here. DEADLINE 1/31/24!

Embark on a journey of artistic discovery and growth in the borough that never sleeps. Brooklyn’s art community is not just a canvas but a living, breathing testament to the power of expression, and these opportunities are the brushstrokes that shape its vibrant tapestry.