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The Coffee Table Art Book is based in Montclair NJ, a vibrant art and coffee-loving community 13 miles west of New York City.

The idea for this project was outlined back in 2017 by Regan Caton when she came across Jim Lively's "A second Cup of Coffee" which sparked a years-long search for more coffee-themed art. In 2023, over coffee & croissants with Elly Otharsson, our house illustrator it was finally time to dive in.

We hope you'll join us as we explore and highlight a community of unique artists and the coffee that keeps them going.






Starting August 8th, we will open our submission window to emerging and established artists. The theme is Coffee - but we hope to see work that thinks 'outside the cup.'

Reflect on the place that coffee holds in your memories-- Breakfast with the people you love, that afternoon you stumbled upon your new favorite cafe, the first date where you just couldn't bring yourself to say goodbye, so you drank three espressos before they kicked you out.

How it makes you feel, where it comes from, the cup you drink it from, the barista who makes it. What does it mean to you?

Coffee holds a place in our memories far beyond the cup in hand.

We ask artists to share that with us through their work.



The submitted work will be curated (curators to be announced) into the first-ever Coffee Table Art Book. To fund this project, we plan to approach coffee houses & other like minded sponsors so we can create a book worthy of the art it holds.

Additionally, we are excited to share that we'll be launching a future Kickstarter campaign to further support the creation of this exceptional Coffee Table Art Book. The 'call to artists' submission fee will also contribute to financing this endeavor, with Kickstarter playing a crucial role in funding the actual printing of the book. This collective effort ensures a vibrant collaboration between artists, sponsors, and our supportive community, bringing this artistic vision to life in tangible and beautiful form.

Each artist that is chosen for the book will have a 2-page spread featuring their work, bio and isnpiration behind their work. Thanks in part to our sponsors, we are thrilled to be able to offer prizes for select artists chosen by our curators.

For more information on how to apply and our brewing process, click here.



We plan to continue to foster our community of artists and coffee lovers through our website and social media. With continued Artist Spotlights, Coffee Shop Profiles, interviews, and more.

In the future, we plan to grow a marketplace for coffee and art lovers to be able to purchase the book & special edition prints. We're dreaming big over here and we look forward to seeing how this space grows.


Our Team

Regan Caton


Regan has worked in the arts for most of her career. She was the founder and co-owner of an online jewelry brand and has worked for many years as the marketing director for an online art gallery, where the idea for the Coffee Table Art Book was first conceived.

Besides her early morning cup of joe at home, she can be spotted at one of Montclair’s many fine coffee shops. Her afternoon pick-me-up is an iced oat milk latte, and in the winter, let's order that hot!

Working with so many artists over the years, she is happy to be immersed in a project that will support artists, the arts, and communities of art and coffee lovers worldwide.

Regan lives in Montclair, NJ and has two wonderful daughters that share her love of coffee and the family dog, Kahlua. She is very excited to kick off the call to artists and explore this caffeinated journey with coffee and art lovers worldwide!

Elly Otharsson

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Elly is the Coffee Table Art Book's house illustrator and Map Maker who currently calls Montclair, NJ, home with her husband, Joe, and best friend, Bear.

Depending on the season, you can order her a vanilla latte, an iced coffee (regular milk, raw sugar preferred), or a cappuccino (but only after dinner).

A graduate of Gettysburg College with a focus on political science and international relations, her early career is defined by work in magazine publishing, marketing, and social video strategy.

In 2020 she started to pursue her passion for illustration and design, working with small businesses and communities to create memorable brand identities, maps, storefront illustrations, merchandise, and more!

An avid traveler, Elly has hit the road to explore the USA with her family. Follow along as she shares what she finds in her signature whimsical style.



Kahlua is a 8-year-old German Short Haired Pointer. When not hanging out with the Coffee Table Art Book's founder, she can be found chasing squirrels in the woods above Montclair. Kahlua's coffee choice - latte foam only!


bear frame

Bear is a 6lb Chihuahua mix who loves adventure (kind of) and new friends (eventually). He loves to stay cozy at home, he takes a topper with his kibble and always leaves room for an afternoon puppuccino.