We hope this message finds you surrounded by the warmth of creativity and the comforting aroma of your favorite brew. As we bid adieu to the call for our Coffee Table Art Book, we couldn’t be more thrilled to extend our heartfelt thanks to each one of you—our incredible artists and cherished coffee-loving subscribers!

Expressing Gratitude: The response to our call for submissions has been nothing short of extraordinary. Your coffee-themed artworks and the captivating stories behind each creation have transformed this experience into something truly exceptional. From the bottom of our coffee cups, thank you for sharing your talents and narratives.

Tech Hiccup Espresso Shot: Before we plunge into the excitement that awaits, a quick acknowledgment of a shared moment: the recent tech hiccups during the final hours. Our servers experienced a caffeine overload, with everyone rushing in at once! We appreciate your understanding and patience as we worked through the glitches. The issues have been resolved, and we’re back on track for the caffeinated journey ahead.

Curating the Canvas: Now, the enchanting part of our journey begins. Throughout February, our team will be delicately curating the submissions to ensure the essence of each piece is captured beautifully in our Coffee Table Art Book. Get ready to witness the richness and diversity of talent brewing within our artistic community.

Save the Date: March 1st, 2024: Mark your calendars and set your coffee alarms for March 1st, 2024! This highly-anticipated day will reveal not only the top three prize winners, each receiving cash rewards, websites from, and other exclusive perks, but all of the curated artists who will be featured in our upcoming Coffee Table Art Book. It’s not just a moment of celebration; it’s a recognition of the extraordinary talents that have emerged.

Winners’ Announcement: Wondering how we’ll reveal the winners? Drumroll, please! Winners will receive a personal email notification on March 1st. Simultaneously, we’ll make a public announcement across our social media channels and website, giving a virtual round of applause to each artist and photographer who contributed to the richness of our Coffee Table Art Book.

Stay Tuned for the Artistic Pour: As we dive into the art curation phase, we encourage you to stay tuned to our social media channels and website. Brace yourselves for a drip-feed of amazing submissions, a continuous pour of creativity that promises to make this caffeinated journey unforgettable.

Thank you once again for being an integral part of this delightful artistic and caffeinated journey. Your passion for coffee and art has brewed a unique blend, and we’re eagerly anticipating sharing the curated results with the world.

Cheers to creativity, community, and the unfolding artistry that accompanies every sip of coffee!

Warm regards,